Hi there! I’m Khushi Shah, a Graphic Designer based in Pune, India. I studied at MIT Institute of Design and am currently working as a UI Designer at Persistent Systems since July 2016.

I have worked in the fields of UI/UX design, Visual Brand Design, Corporate Identity Design and Publication Design on the job and during my industry internships.

I come from a studio-based design culture, where hands-on work is considered as important as the underlying theory. Design to me is not just out-of-the-box thinking, but a means of problem-solving that follows a systematic process in order to reach the desired outcome. 

I believe that in the industry, a designer cannot work in isolation, and has to be an effective collaborator across various teams while co-ordinating with different stakeholders. As a socially responsible designer and strategist, I aspire to motivate myself and others in my team to practice ethical design that questions the ‘why’ behind any given project, than merely the ‘how.’ 


When I’m not obsessing over the details of my work, I’m traveling, doing hand-lettering, running or practicing yoga. I love exploring the outdoors and engaging in adventurous  activities. Below are a few snapshots from my life!


Here are some shots I clicked as a novice photographer!

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