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Property Evaluation System

User Interface Design for a desktop and iPad application that is to be used by employees with different job roles and tasks in an organization that carries out the evaluation of real estate.


Client project at Persistent Systems, India


Visual design



Illustrator, Photoshop

2 weeks

Team member

Rajesh Gode

The Challenge

By collaborating with the UX Designer, I was asked to understand the system and deliver visual design mockups. I had to create multiple Visual Design approaches from the wireframes of the application by using the brand colors of the organization (organization name can't be disclosed.) For the selected approach, I had to create high fidelity Visual Design mockups for multiple desktop and iPad screens.

The Solution

I created four different Visual Design approaches, each having a different look and feel. For the chosen approach, I created a cohesive style guide that included the typography system, color palette, icon family and all the other interactive and aesthetic components. 

Approach One

Approach Two

Approach Three

Approach Four (chosen approach)

Other screens

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