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Solo Projects in

During employment at

Duration of each project


Persistent Systems

1-2 weeks


I have been working as a UI and Visual Designer at Persistent Systems since July 2016, and during this period I have created Visual Designs for mobile and web applications from wireframes.


I have worked on defining the look and feel of products by creating a consistent design language and laying out the visual elements according to it. My job is to visually communicate the path that the UX designer has laid out by creating a cohesive style guide that includes the typography system, color palette, icon family and all the other interactive and aesthetic components.


In some of the projects, I was involved in the UX Design process too, to some extent. My job role was to collaborate with the UX Designers to understand the product's function and to work with them to deliver pixel perfect visual design mockups. Once the mockups were created, I passed them on to front-end developers along with the redlines and co-ordinated with them to ensure that the design was implemented correctly by them in code. 

Data Management Application

User Interface Design for a desktop application for data management in a large organization in any domain, that assists the back-end user to manage and categorize data in a way that makes it easier for him to easily access and manage the information whenever required.

The Problem

To create a visual design concept for the existing dashboard; to add a ‘wow’ factor while maintaining the current functionality and ease of use. To make the new design look modern and sophisticated.

The Solution

• Each of the four sections were color coded so as to easily distinguish them from each other while adding an aesthetic appeal. The color palette was made brighter while retaining the sophistication.

• Tints of the base color were used in gradation, inspired from current visual design trends.

• Icons were redesigned to make them more relevant. They were enlarged and cropped, used subtly in the background so as to make the typography the primary visual element.

• Large, light weights of the typeface were used to add a modern touch.

Business Messenger

User Interface Design for a business messaging app used for sending and scheduling messages, e-mails and media along with creating and managing contacts, groups and chats.

The Problem

To re-design the existing mobile application according to latest visual design trends.

The Solution

• As gradients have a better recall value than flat colors, and also because they are a current design trend today, a custom gradient was used.

• Overlays were given a blurred, hazy treatment to give the content all the focus, a visual treatment inspired by common iOS design practices.

• A full-blown image was used for the contact information screen and for the background of the hamburger menu.

• Rounded shapes were used for buttons and input fields. Colored text was used to indicate links.

• Different levels of opacities were used in the hamburger menu to create a layered effect. Text was given a shadow for better readability.

Application for Property Evaluation

User Interface Design for a desktop and iPad application that is to be used by employees with varied job roles and tasks in an organization that carries out property evaluation. 

The Problem

To create different Visual Design approaches from the wireframes of the application by using the existing brand colors. For the theme selected by the client, high fidelity Visual Design mockups to be created for multiple desktop and iPad screens.

The Solution

Visual Design Approach - 1 

Visual Design Approach - 2

Visual Design Approach - 3

Visual Design Approach - 4  (chosen approach)

Final Outcome

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