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Classroom Project 

Packaging Design

Team Project in



Rujuta Dabak


For this classroom project, the brief was to take up the current packaging of a product and to come up with an innovative re-design, so as to add more value to the product.

My team-mate and I chose the wireless mouse as our product and analysed the different packaging designs offered by various brands.

User Needs

We chose school and college students as our target group. These users are always on the go and wind up working at different places. We found out their needs and noted some observations.



A sturdy package is required for the convenience of carrying the mouse and protecting it.




A mouse-pad is usually required when a smooth surface is not available for the mouse.


To package the wireless mouse in an enclosure that protects it from damage, functions as a holder for storage and can also be used as a mouse-pad.


Final Concept

The final structure was a container for the mouse that opens up into a mouse-pad. A transparent lid was given to the container so that its contents were visible (for retail merchandising.)

The Brand

The brand Dell has been chosen as a parent brand for this hypothetical product “Mobius".


 A sub-brand of Dell is introduced as a new series of the computer mouse that is especially meant for the youth, who are always on the go. The key features of this new product are convenience, mobility and ease. 

Convenient   |   Mobile   |   Young   |   Trendy

Target Users

Young students, aged 15-25 years

Package Graphics

Dell Inspiron Laptop Range

At the time, Dell had introduced a laptop range that had eight different colours. The mouse range was inspired by the same colours, leaving the target user spoilt for choice.


Paper Prototype

3D Renders

Next Steps

As this was a classroom project that adhered to a fixed timeline and scope, we did not get a chance to explore the materials and processes that would go into making this product. The next step would be to create protoypes with materials like PP and TPR to further validate the structure and its working.

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