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Classroom Project 

'Design for Brands'

Solo Project in



3 weeks


For the module 'Design for Brands', we students were asked to identify a particular service or product that suffers from the lack of branding and could be much more successful if branded correctly with an appropriate brand strategy.

Ice Gola

An  'Ice Gola' is an ice candy prepared from crushed ice and flavoured syrups. It is a popular food item in India and is traditionally sold on the streets in summer.

The Problem

Golas are prepared on the streets in an open environment from unclean water and unhealthy syrups. Even though many people are fond of this refreshment, they avoid consuming it because of the questionable quality of ingredients and unhygienic preparation conditions.

The Solution

To provide the traditional food item 'Gola' with a modern twist under the brand name 'FROSPOP' -  a trustworthy and peppy brand, promising hygiene and safety with loads of fun and experimentation. The brand takes the Gola-eating experience from the streets to the indoor environment, like shopping malls, to cater to the changing lifestyle and health - conscious mindset of its users. 

The Design Process


User Surveys
User Interviews
Market Study
Competitor Analysis
User Personas


Mind Mapping
Needs and Opportunities
Brand Offerings


Logo Design


Brand Visual Language
Brand Applications
Style Guide

The Outcome

Insights gained from the target users gave the USPs of this brand -  A range of unique flavours, customization and preparation under hygienic conditions. The essence of the brand was communicated through the identity and visual language that engaged with the target users through various touch points.

'Frost' standing for the texture of shaved ice and 'pop' for the explosion of flavours gave rise to the brand name 'Frospop'. The visual language represents the idea of creating your own candy by mixing different flavours.




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